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Tips from the pros: hire a caterer in northern Colorado

While some venues provide in-house food service, a vast number of area events and weddings require a caterer so that everyone gets fed.  We have compiled some tips from our event experience to help you hire a caterer in northern Colorado.  Its a little extra work to find a great caterer, but this opens up a lot more venue options to you.  Before you hire a caterer, you’ll want to have your event or wedding budget prepared, and an idea of what you want for food.  Also, knowing some additional best practices for hiring a caterer won’t hurt.

Know your Catering Budget

Your event caterer will most likely be the most or second most expensive single element of your event, according to this article outlining average catering costs.  We don’t suggest spending time looking if you don’t know how much you’re prepared to spend.  This item is part of your overall event budget, and food prices vary based on the types of food and services a caterer provides, so you may need to adjust in other areas to get the caterer you want.  You should plan on meeting with your top 3 choices in-person.

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Search a Caterer in northern Colorado through referrals

Although we think the recommendation of an experienced event professional carries a ton of weight, such as your event planner or venue, or even a photographer or DJ that literally eats this food every weekend will definitely have some insider knowledge on the which caterers in northern Colorado are their favorites. We suggest asking family and friends who have recently hired a caterer themselves.  Look for a caterer via online searches if you must.  Be sure to take reviews into account.

Taste Their Food

Can’t skip this step.  You’ve either been to their events or you’re going to a special tasting session with the chef.  Its a great time to learn about their experience and how flexible they are.  Find out whether they cook everything before the event or just prep beforehand and then finish everything at the event.  The types and quality of your food are the main factors here.

When To Take Risks

Want to give your guests some unique eats?  Great. But stick with what you know you and your guests will like for main courses.  Take risks with the appetizers, desserts, and sides.  Even though you’re hiring them to provide a service for your event, this may be a time to see input.  Ask your caterer if they have a crowd favorite.

The Show is Important

Think about who your guests are and what your venue’s (or your event’s) decor are like.  While we’re sure that the budget caterer’s buffet line of food in disposable aluminum sheet pans are delicious, but you may want a little more flair from the caterer at your event.  Ask your potential caterer for photos and video from past events like yours so that you can see how they present food to the guests.  Look for professional equipment, and decorative food displays if that suits your event better.  Ask the caterer about who provides what in terms of service and food display decorations.

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Keep Catering Costs Down

Our #1 pro tip for keeping catering costs down is not skimping on staff or quality, or going with a too-good-to-be-true cheap option that may not be in business when your event comes around.  Its this:  Serve as much room-temperature food as possible.  Hot food requires more staff and equipment to cook and keep hot. Cold food requires the same.  Do yourself a favor and serve as many appetizers, sides, and desserts at room temperature as possible.


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