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The Advantage of Local Comedy

Fort Collins is one of the best places to live in America.  Ranked number three among college towns by College Ranker, number one in the country by Let’s Move!, voted America’s safest driving city by Allstate, America’s most satisfied city by Time Magazine, and winner of numerous accolades that would be tedious to list here (though you can see them at

Chris Munoz at The Boot

Chris Munoz at The Boot Grill in Fort Collins. Photo source: Facebook

Mountain Event Services is based in this fine municipality of American excellence, and has begun growing its event-planning capabilities accordingly.  Serving a substantial number of venues and events in and around Fort Collins, as well as many other fine cities in Northern Colorado, Mountain Event Services is fast becoming a leading provider of affordable event facilitation across the Front Range. From live music to bands, DJs and emcees, Mountain Event Services has a cavalcade of savvy, motivated individuals passionate about their craft and available to substantially enhance your event.

Mountain Event Services has many different entertainment branches, too.  Since Fort Collins is such a venerated city, multiple artistic scenes have begun to grow, and entertainers of the highest quality are constantly being drawn to the region.  One of the fastest growing scenes in Fort Collins right now is comedy.  With open-mics and showcases every night of the week, entertainers from across the country are coming through Fort Collins and the surrounding area to bring the funny.  Since the town is collegiate, many of the entertainers come from varied backgrounds and have accrued exceptional skill.  Furthermore, they must perform for varying clientele, making them able to handle a variety of different audiences.  Currently Mountain Event Services can proudly claim affiliation with a number of nationally touring headliners based right in Fort Collins.

970 Comedy Troupe

A 970 Comedy Troupe event in Fort Collins. Source:

            Comedians in general are one of the most cost-effective entertainment options you can choose to spice up a wedding, party, commencement or corporate gathering.  Less expensive than DJs or live music, comedians often liven up the event more than either. Furthermore, Mountain Event Services offers packaged deals that incorporate one, two, or all three offerings depending on the needs of the client.  Say you’ve got a corporate get-together resulting from the merger of your company and another organization.  Everyone is meeting for the first time, and you want to have a festive atmosphere where they can break the ice and casually get to know one another.  Hire a comedy show.  You can get three top-tier traveling comics to entertain you for an hour and a half, then throw a band up after the fact to rock the house down; or bring in one of the many top-tier DJs Mountain Event Services works with to get the dance party hopping well into the evening.  Shoot, you could do all three if that were what you wanted to do!  And through a single agency, no less.

But there are many places comics are a good fit.  Comedians and weddings go together like coffee and Danishes, and there’s no better way to round out a commencement ceremony than a professional comic cracking one-liners and invigorating the crowd.

            Mountain Event Services offers extremely affordable rates on comedians, and with a large base of professionals that oftentimes have touring experience firmly under their belts–and are regulars at popular Denver showcases and clubs–you stand to bring cutting edge entertainment to your event at rates that just can’t be had anywhere else.

Comedian French Accent on Stage

Professional comedian French Accent is based in Fort Collins. Source: Kevin Bennett

Here’s the truth: Los Angeles is deflating like a stuck balloon.  The economy is in the pits, and entertainers are leaving en masse and coming to places like Fort Collins—centrally located in the US—to continue their careers.  Ask any comedian in the Colorado scene, and every one will tell you that the comic caliber here is head and shoulders above that which can be found among local artisans in LA or even Las Vegas, at this point.  That talent pool is at your fingertips with Mountain Event Services.  Be ready to save money, save time, and receive the maximum entertainment value for the minimum investment with Mountain Event Services.  Customizable packages combine with quality entertainment to bring you value.  In Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Greeley, La Porte, Red Feather Lakes, Timnath, Wellington, Gunbarrel, Estes Park, Laramie, Cheyenne, and everywhere in between, Mountain Event Services has you and your event covered.  Contact any of our fine staff to organize your event today.

See on this page a variety of comedians that cater to multiple tastes; from “adult” humor to “clean” humor, and all the varying shades which separate the two.  You’ll find among the comedians listed here those who can do both kinds of comedy with equal grace, and those who have specialties fit to specific demographics.  Choose the comedian that best fits your event, and let Mountain Event Services do the rest!



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