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Get The LED Out and Make Impact: LED Video Wall Rental

LED Video Wall Rentals

Get The LED Out And Make Impact with an event LED wall rental!

According to PixelFlex LED, 64% of businesses saw an increase in sales after they posted an LED screen displaying their brand. LED walls are vibrant, entrancing and effective.  Imagine a shapeable computer screen blown up to be visible before a massive crowd, with each pixel of information being translated to an LED. LED video wall rental brings this vision to reality in a cost-effective way. Part of the reason is bound up in the physical architecture of such devices.

LED screen rental display options are often much larger

With LEDs, many small lights are brought to bear on a bigger picture, making the definition of the video, graphics, or brand-name more eye-catching and understandable from a distance. Additionally, LED display options are often much larger than traditional LCD displays, and can be retained for longer periods. LED screen rental oftentimes pertains to an event or a convention, so in effect going this route brings bigger bang for the buck.

Colorado School Dance DJ in Loveland CO with LED Wall, Uplighting, and audience reaction.

LED Wall makes perfect lighting effects for a “no fog allowed” school dance in Loveland, CO.  Book your LED Event Lighting, School Dance DJ, or Event Production now: 970-372-4882.

Day or Night, LED Display Rentals Catch the Eye 

Whether your event is in the day or not, LED display walls will catch the eye of the passerby. Beyond displaying a bevy of hypnotic imagery which can be synced to music and customized to meet user needs, LED walls have flexibility and strength. They’re also easy to deploy, and can be set up without complication then taken down as quickly.

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LED display screens provide exceptional visibility

With LED video wall rental, additional expenses can be curtailed through maximization of necessary use. Whether needs involve graphics display, video, straight brand messaging, or some combination of the three, LED display screens provide exceptional visibility. Typical sizes are of the traditional 16 X 9 ratio, but oftentimes there are multiple 2 x 3 screens which can be individually configured. LED screen rental from the right group offers customizability which can be tailored to meet any situation, shape, or size.



Make Your Promotions Catch Every Eye

LED video displays are regularly used to bring attention to a message with artistic appeal and vibrant expression. Consider this recent Mountain Event Services EDM-themed school dance where an LED wall was configured into a design-pattern flowing with the music. Now imagine your sponsor appears on that back screen in segue between songs, or right as the bass drops on a crowd favorite. The effect tied to an already festive atmosphere will leave a definite impression.


A Worthy Local Event Service Rental Option

Mountain Event Services provides LED video wall rental solutions of the highest quality, and has provided many clients with top-tier, customized solutions of an impactful grade. Through Mountain Event Services, the affordable futuristic impact of LED display screens can be obtained via event rental, providing maximized impact in virtually any situation.  All of our LED video wall rentals include delivery, setup, and operator.

LED Video Wall Rental with Operator

Loveland, CO: School Dance DJ and our LED Video Wall with Operator dazzle at a teen event. Need services like this? Call now: 970-372-4882



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