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Photo Activations at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Photo Activations for Event Marketing

Photo Activations require more than just a guy with a camera. Firstly, the photography must be professionally applied—and that’s no simple task. It requires skill; skill to get lighting and depth of field balanced regardless of conditions like cloud-cover, wind, rain, indoor or outdoor venues. Especially in an outdoor booth at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a professional photographer is required in order to ensure the highest number of photography activations. Guests are much more likely to use social media in order to share their branded photo experiences if they’ve had a memorable time that is share-worthy, and such times are precisely what Mountain Event Services facilitates.

FreemanXP recently hired Mountain Event Services to help bring recognition and festivity to their domain at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, 2016. Kelly Coppola, the event manager, was especially pleased with services rendered, giving a five star review on Google+. According to Kelly, “the team at Mountain Event Services is first class. They are a group of seasoned professionals who, first, listen to what is required of the event, and then execute seamlessly against obstacles. Dawn, Sarah, and Matt were my Sturgis Crew… I didn’t have to worry for a moment that our photo activations would go down. This allowed me time to focus on my client and other areas of responsibility.”


Photo Booth Activation Creates Brand Engagement

The “Sturgis Crew”, as Kelly called them, were set up under a tent with a photo-booth conducting pre-rally entertainment. Against a patriotic and branded back drop, revelers could ride their motorcycles through and have their photo taken. Portrait photos were also available, and an abundance of additional photography accoutrements were there for the public to use. Some favorite photos were even gathered into a collage, showing the drive-through photo-booth’s best shots. A variety of bikers and pedestrians made their way through the booth during the day, and left with branded memorabilia to forever remember their event by.  Prints included the hashtag #AARPBLOCKPARTY and our team captured emails during the brand experience as we sent visitors a digital copy of their photo.


A Step Above Conventional Photo-Booth Operators

That’s one of the advantages of photography activation. Photos like this aren’t just printed and mounted, today they’re shared on social media; and that usually before they make it home. That’s one reason it makes sense to have such photo booths including your brand amidst the backdrop. In the end, it reaches quite a few people, spreading awareness about your brand in a friendly, easily-digestible and non-intrusive way that’s enjoyed by all. This is done especially well with a professional photographer who operates a step above conventional photo-booth operators, as was the case with Mountain Event Services staff during this event. As Kelly Coppola pointed out, the Sturgis Crew of Mountain Event Services were definitely requisite to the task, and managed to entertain thoroughly enough for Kelly to focus on her real mission at the pre-rally festivities: engaging her clients. Mountain Event Services offers not just entertainment, but corporate branding and marketing outreach at the same time. It’s the Inception approach: an attraction within an attraction. On the outside is a fun, festive event for revelers passing by; one that attracts them to your area of presentation. While they’re having fun, in the background is a branded image—and you can focus on generating possible conversions and leads, adding a third layer to the cake. Everybody wins; but you as a client with Mountain Event Services win three times.

Photo Activation team at work

Sturgis, SD: Dawn, left, positions a rider in the drive through photo booth while Sarah, right, operates the tattoo wall with a volunteer.  Need services like this?  Call us: 970-372-4882


Event Photo Activations in Colorado and Beyond.

In addition to the ride-through at the event, there was a “tattoo” wall where tats were photographed and made up into a kind of mural. So in the end, Mountain Event Services did several simultaneous events which served to draw the crowd and leave them with branded, activated photos that would circulate on the web. All these things were done on top of Mountain Event Services covering logistical planning for the event, travel, acquisition of additional necessary staff, included breaks and lunches, and everything else involved in deployment of this photography activation attraction. Mountain Event Services worked to do everything, ensuring the client didn’t have to worry about any aspect of operations. This is probably another reason corporate groups hiring event facilitation agents like Mountain Event Services are so ready to give glowing reviews. When services are as advertised, and even above and beyond that, it’s hard not to be pleased!


Photo Activation in Sturgis Exterior

Exterior View of Sturgis Photo Activation at the AARP Block Party.



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