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Graduation Party: Do Something Unique

You only graduate a handful of times in life, if not once. Depending on who you are and your family’s history, your graduation party could represent something new. In many families, there are entire generations who never make it through high school. As you get to college, the numbers fall off even further. As of 2009, less than 1 in 3 Americans had attained a Bachelor’s Degree. If you’ve done the impossible, if you’ve pulled a rabbit out of your hat; if you’ve managed to graduate with such honor distinguishing you against over sixty percent of the population, that’s cause for celebration!

Location, Location, Location

There are a lot of ways you can go about conducting your graduation party. You could have it at your home, or in your backyard; as graduation parties for high school and college grads have been hosted since since the late 1700s. This can be fun, safe, and “off the hook”. But it could be stuffy and awkward, too. Generally though, you want there to be entertainment. So whatever graduation party location you choose, it should be able to accommodate some attraction. It’s a special occasion, after all; you want to commemorate with something out of the ordinary.

You might rent out a venue. Sometimes families have been known to rent a youth facility or a recreational center for the weekend. You could book with a restaurant and totally dominate the back room at a high-class dining establishment. You could even set things up in the park and have all the fun of the outdoors. But remember, it’s very likely the more mature individuals in your life will be booking and paying for entertainment; so it’s certainly in your best interests to think about them!

Graduation Party Planning

Wherever you end up having your graduation party, you’re going to want to do a few things to make sure it comes off the best.

  • Decide On A Location, Date And Time
  • Consider Combining Parties
  • Make a Guest List And Send Invites
  • Concoct A  Graduation Party Theme
  • Make A Menu
  • Decorate
  • Hire Entertainment

When you’ve got a location, date and time established, then you can more securely establish a guest list. It’s better to overbook than under book with such parties, certainly. Expect about one in three people invited to show up. If you combine parties, this number of revelers can be increased. Since graduations happen to multiple peers simultaneously, this is a really good opportunity to have a combined celebration. You’ll have to agree on a theme, though; so be democratic! Your menu and grad party decorations will likely have some pertinence to your theme, as will your entertainment.

DJs can really get a party going, and are usually pretty cost-effective. Tell them what kind of music you’re interested in, and the better ones can accommodate you directly. Something else that’s really fun for such graduation parties is a photo booth. You’ll definitely want to commemorate the occasion, and a photo booth print is the perfect party favor!

Combine these elements at a good venue with enough notice and you’ll have a graduation party that you can look back on with pride, nostalgia, and the sweet fondness of maturity.


by Kevin Bennett

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