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Sound System Rental

If you’re seeking a sound system rental for weddings, or need to rent speakers for a party, Mountain Event Services has your audio visual event services needs covered.  See our sound system rental prices below.  Sound system rental costs do not include delivery or an audio engineer.

Equipment NameDescriptionPrice
DJ Sound System-two speakers on stands
-audio mixer
-audio and power cables
Ceremony Sound System -speaker on stand
-wireless microphone
-inputs for audio sources
-audio and power cords
-battery power and bluetooth options available
Cocktail Speaker System-speaker on stand
-1/8" audio/iPod hookup
-20' extension cord
Full Range Speaker-fill spaces with sound
-accommodate more guests
-comes with stand and cable
18in Subwoofer-enhanced sound fidelity
-full low end
-clear high end
15in Subwoofer-enhanced sound fidelity
-full low end
-clear high end
Audio Mixer -mix live sound and/or record
-microphone inputs
-line level inputs
Wireless Microphone-digital wireless sound
-choose hand held or lapel microphone
Wired Microphone -pro-quality stage mic
-comes with stand and cable
50ft Stage Snake -50 ft cable
-sixteen XLR/TRS inputs
-four 1/4" returns
Direct Box -passive
-1/4" TRS input, XLR Output
-name brand
Boom Microphone Stand -portable tripod
-adjustable height
-adjustable angle
Standard Microphone Stand -adjustable height
-round base
25ft Microphone Cable-25ft cable
-XLR male to female
-professional quality shielded cable
15ft Microphone Cable-15ft cable
-XLR male to female
-professional quality shielded cable
Battery Powered Bluetooth speaker-bluetooth speaker
-battery powered
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