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12 Ways You Can Prepare Your Event or Wedding for Uncertain Weather

Planning an outdoor wedding or event? Whether a new bride planning her first wedding or a seasoned corporate event planner with years of event design experience, event organizers and brides from Fort Collins, Colorado to Colorado Springs, Denver and Grand Junction or even Wyoming face special challenges with the weather.

When the wind blows, the rain and lighting comes, a blizzard dumps or its just hotter than hell outside, here are

12 Ways You Can Prepare Your Event or Wedding for Uncertain Weather:

1. Make a Plan and Love it:

Hoping everything will be OK and that the weather will cooperate is a bad idea.  Plan the event (wedding) of your dreams, but have a backup plan for the weather and accept that things like weather happen.  You’ll be able to enjoy your day and if the unexpected happens, you’ll be ready.  Fail to prepare and embrace the plan and you’ll be more miserable than your guests are.


2. Prepare Your Guests with Info:

Set expectations for your guests.  Will your event be outside for 6 hours in the middle of summer?  Give them a chance to wear comfortable clothes and pack some water.  Is your event on hilly terrain?  Let your guests know about that so they can choose sensible shoes.


3. Pick The Right Venue:

Is your heart set on an outdoor event?  Many venues offer both indoor and outdoor options.  If you plan your event with both indoor and outdoor flow, guests that enjoy either type of environment will be pleased.  This is a great way to make the best of both opportunities, is usually the most cost effective, and preserves essential indoor space in case its needed.  Hotels or Resorts usually offer both.


4. Choose a Venue that will Accommodate a Sudden Move Indoors:

Having a venue that’s on board with a sudden move in case the weather turns sour may cost extra but having the rights to the space in case its needed may be just what you need.  Make arrangements for use of the back-up space in advance.  Be sure to let them know your intentions in advance, especially on the morning of your event.  Clubhouses, Golf Courses, and similar locations come to mind as examples.


5. Use a Tent or Outdoor Shelter:

Tents are probably the best way to ensure your event will stay dry.  Don’t forget the sidewalls, heat, or A/C so that your guests stay comfortable.  And your tent will need lighting if your event goes on after dark.  Event Tents are usually set up a day or two before the event.  Use it as a storage area if the weather stays nice.

Indoor/Outdoor venue or tent not an option?  Arrange for a contingency location nearby.  It may be smaller, and cost extra…but keeping your event going may just require it.

6. Use Weather-Resistant Decor:

Instead of fabric-covered or cushioned chairs, choose something easy to clean and dry like wood, plastic or metal.  Replace light, top-heavy floral centerpieces that are easily blown around with something heavier or add weight to the base of your vase so that they stay in place with a few gusts of wind.


7. Add Comfort Boosting Features:

Make it a point to have items that enhance your guest comfort on hand and it will make you look like a professional.   Consider stocking mini fans, bottles of water, sunscreen, umbrellas, bug spray, and sunglasses depending on the time of year.  Have someone hand them out to guests as they arrive.  Flip Flops and Shoe Covers are great for hilly, dirty or muddy terrain.


8. Avoid Venues With a lot of Dirt:

If it rains, mud could be a serious problem for both guests and vehicles.  Try to avoid areas with too much exposed dirt, as it will turn to mud if it rains and can be dust in the eyes when the wind blows.  Can’t avoid it?  Get some wood chips and hay.  Spread the wood chips to stabilize the soil, then spread the hay around over the mud to create a clean layer for your guests to walk on.


9. Bug Off:

Your event does not have to be near a swamp to get overrun with bugs.  Have insect repellent (scent-free) candles on hand to repel unwanted flies and mosquitoes.  Torch smoke also works great to keep the bugs away.  Mosquito coils can be placed around the perimeter of your event to create a bug free zone.


10. Have a Backup Plan for Photos:

Brides and photographers, this tip is especially for you.  On your wedding day, wedding photos are usually taken outside.  But this tip can apply to any event that includes a guest or guests of honor and any portraits or group photos.  Scope out the venue for indoor photo locations or check for nearby locations if you don’t mind a short travel.  Museums, public spaces, and university campuses make for great indoor photo locations.  Just be sure to check in advance for permission. Staying outside? Offer your guests fun umbrellas or have your bridesmaids wear rain boots for your photos. Making the most of the day and enjoying the weather will give you some great memories and help with the overall feel and attitude of the day.

11. Get Your Team on Board:

This could be the pro tip that saves your event.  Let your team know the backup plan so that if the weather isn’t cooperating, everyone knows what needs to be done.  Give instructions and your squad won’t be running around not knowing what to do.  Keep yourself and your team calm and organized.  In end, you’ll come out looking like a pro.


12. The Worst That Could Happen:

Occasionally the weather is worse than even the best backup plan can prepare you for.  That can include floods, blizzards, tornadoes, hail, and high winds.  If there is a chance that weather could completely disrupt your guest travel or interrupt your event, consider purchasing event or wedding insurance.

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