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Colorado Company Holiday Party Toast

9 Company Holiday Party Vendors and When To Hire Them

Is planning the company holiday party your task this year?  Its time to make sure you are on the right track. For some, the question is “when should I start planning my company holiday party?”  Others are asking “Who should I hire for my company holiday party?”  We have the answers for Colorado event planners and even our people in Wyoming.  It doesn’t matter if you’re planning an event in Fort Collins, or putting together your corporate holiday event in Denver, these 9 vendors are hired for most company holiday party events and knowing when to hire your event services in Colorado will save you some time, effort, and hassle along the way.  We assume you already have a budget…if not, figure that out first.

9 Months Before Company Holiday Party

Event Venue: Finding a venue in northern Colorado for a holiday party can be a pain, so let’s get you some help.  The most popular night of the week for a company party is Friday, followed by Saturday, with 3rd place going to Thursday. The most popular weekends every year for a company holiday party are:

  1. The second week of December
  2. The third week of December
  3. The first week of December

For 2019, the most popular dates are: December 13th, followed by December 18th, then December 6th. In 2020, they are 12/11, 12/12, 12/18, and 12/19. Embrace these days and dates to be on-trend.  Avoid them to have the most options and save money on your event.  If you’re still in the venue search phase, our 9 Tips To Find The Perfect Event Venue could help.

* Event or Party Planner:  Do you still have your regular job to do?  It may be time to hire a planner, if its in your budget.  You can be more hands-off, and if you’re not already an expert decorator, your event will have a better look.  Other organizations want to be more hands-on and personalized.  A good in-between step is to hire a one-stop-shop for event services that has the key services you’ll need for your event in-house.  A good event services company will provide you with an event experience that allows you to focus on your other areas of responsibility.

5 Months Before Your Holiday Party:

You’ll want to secure the more expensive parts of your budget earlier than later.  Most event vendors produce better results with proper preparation and planning.   To have the best available options and to get the best experience for your employees and their guests, don’t wait until the last minute.

Caterer: The caterer you choose for your event will probably be the #1 or #2 most expensive thing in your  budget. Want to knock this out of the park? Check out Our 6 Tips to Hire a Caterer

DJ/ Entertainment: DJs get everyone moving on the dance floor and keep the flow of the event with announcements. Also great to add background music to the atmosphere of your event.

3 Months Before your Holiday Party:

Lighting RentalsTo enhance your party vibe, you may want to include services from an area event lighting designer.

Photo BoothIf you plan to have additional entertainment, such as a photo booth for making high quality photos with instant studio-quality photo prints up to 5×7 in size that make a great party favor that your guests will actually want to keep, 90 days out is the time for that.

Event PhotographerSome companies want to document their event with candid photos.  Although not everyone will this route, seeking this service a few months out rather than at the last minute is also a good move.

Transportation: Providing a safe ride to event activities, a safe ride home for guests that party hard, or VIP transportation for your event is classy and keeps your liability in check. If you wait until the last minute, you may find your options limited on popular dates.

Are You Feeling Behind On Your Holiday Party Planning?

Don’t worry!  We are available to fulfill last-minute bookings and requests for event services.  Mountain Event Services has over 1/2 the services most event planners hire in-house and will respond to your inquiry in a flash!

Ready to start planning your event? 

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