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Hosting an Event or Wedding on Private Property Gets Harder

Property owners, couples, party hosts, and wedding and event planners in Larimer County, Colorado now have more hoops to jump through to make sure their events are not interrupted.  After June 1, 2017 if you’re hosting an event or wedding on private property, these new regulations will affect you, your event, and your budget.


Exceeding 40 People on Residential Property

Events and weddings on private or residential property with more than 40 in attendance require a special event permit, and only three events will be allowed per year at an address.  The events on the property can’t affect the neighbors for more than 30 days in a year, overall.


How to get a Special Event Permit in Larimer County

The process to obtain permits won’t be changing much, and there is still an appeal process in place for special events in case the neighbors don’t want it in their neighborhood.  Its a good idea to start this process more than 60 days before your event.  You can find out here how to obtain a special event permit in Larimer county


Running Your Property as a Private Event and Wedding Venue

If you want to have more than 3 events per year, there is a review process for running your property as a business like an event venue.  If you choose this route, a permit for every event will not be required.

Event or Wedding on Private Property: Further Implications

Ultimately, land owners will be responsible for the use of their property, not the event planner or their guests.  And restricting private events and gatherings has impact on our community.  Learn what residents and county commissioners have to say about it in this article from the Loveland Reporter-Herald.


 Sound like a pain?  We’ve got you

If your event needs to happen but the permits too much for you to deal with, Mountain Event Services has plenty of experience working with Larimer County, one-time and professional event planners, and land owners on special event permits, waivers and variances, event liability insurance, and more.  We are experts at hosting events and weddings on private property. Talk with us today, we can help!

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