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How to Get Sponsorship for an Event: 4 Steps

With all the costs associated with planning an event, experienced event planners know how to get sponsorship for an event.  Event sponsorship is the act of supporting an event financially or through the provision of products or services. The individual or group that provides the support, similar to a benefactor, is known as sponsor.  If you’re looking for tips on how to get sponsorship money for your event, our overview may inspire you:


Know Your Sponsors

Research Prospective sponsors. Know what type of business best suits your event “product.” Build a targeted list of prospects that matches your unique selling proposition. Know when to pitch your event – 4th quarter is when most businesses plan their donations and sponsorships. Plan the event with sponsors in mind.  Know who your decision makers are: find the right person to approach in the company.  Seek a discovery session with the company.


Have a great sponsor proposal

Build a professional brand image for your event. Be clear about your demographic and platform. Identify your audience and offerings (assets.) Count the impressions, evaluate, then package the assets. Write a preliminary proposal that has the right offer.  Pitch prospects information and data that hits their sweet spot.  Offer a minimum risk solution.  Promise deliverables.  Make your proposal very specific and relevant to their business.  Customize packages based on each sponsor’s needs.  Negotiate the agreement if needed.  Add employee engagement to the mix.  Don’t sell yourself short – make your sponsorship packages worth both your and your sponsor’s time.

Get the word out

Reach out to your personal network first.  Make first contact with prospective event sponsors via email and social media.  Be personal and concise with your approach.  Be willing to rub elbows with potential sponsors.  Be impeccable with your word.  Form a partnership with better established companies.  Always, always follow up with prospects that didn’t respond.


AARP is not only a premier sponsor of the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival with signs all over the event, they have their own attraction full of engaging activities staffed by AARP employees and volunteers. AARP pays to sponsor the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, which attracts over one hundred thousand guests. Festival organizers used the funds to operate the event and the sponsorship package adds value to the event with a fun attraction that is enjoyed by thousands of guests. What’s AARP there to do? Connect with and educate people about their organization. And ultimately, to gain fee-paying members, we suppose.

Deliver and Over-Deliver

Keep sponsors involved and informed throughout the process.  Share hard ROI data after the event.  Continue the sponsorship after the event is over, and make sure your sponsors know the results of their sponsorship.

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