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 Must Have Shots For Your Colorado Wedding Videographer

After filming events all over Colorado for over 5 years, we have acquired quite a bit of experience directing, shooting, end editing wedding films. We provide the most professional, creative, and detail oriented Colorado wedding videographer(s). The shot list we have compiled below serves as a starting point for what you should expect from our videographers on the day of your wedding.

The 5 most important aspects of your wedding that our Colorado wedding videographer is documenting include:

Getting Ready

Partner 1
  • Cinematic shot of getting ready
  • Wedding outfit hanging on a padded hanger, spread on the bed, or draped over a chair
  • Close up shot of hair being styled, makeup being applied, or tie being tied
  • Candid shots of everyone getting dressed
  • Cinematic shot looking in a mirror
  • Wedding party reacting to them
  • Father or mother seeing their son or daughter for the first time
Partner 2
  • Getting ready with family and wedding party
  • Close-up shot of the wedding bands
  • Getting ready with wedding party
  • Cinematic shot of looking in a mirror
  • Wedding party putting on final touches
  • Father or mother seeing son or daughter for the first time
  • Couple separately making their way to the ceremony

The Location

  • Exterior and interior shots of the site before guests arrive
  • Food served
  • The cake before it is cut
  • The wedding rings
  • Aerial drone footage of venue
  • Aerial drone footage flying around surrounding area
  • Aerial drone footage of guests arriving
  • Close up shots of place cards, menus, centerpieces, decorations, table settings, favors, or Champagne glasses
  • Wide shot of the ceremony location before guests arrive

The Ceremony

  • Close-up of the couple as they recite their vows
  • Close-up of the couple’s hands as they exchange rings
  • The kiss!
  • Close-up of the newlyweds immediately after the ceremony
  • Couple hugging family and friends
  • Couple leaving the ceremony site
  • Escort walking down the aisle with partner 1
  • Escort walking down the aisle with partner 2
  • Close-up of partners expression while waiting for their partner to join them in the front of the room
  • Wedding party walking down the aisle
  • Family walking down the aisle
  • Close-up of partner just before making their entrance
  • Partner 1’s escort giving them away
  • Couple at the front of the room
  • Both sets of parents watching the ceremony
  • Wide shot of the wedding party, from the guests’ point of view
  • Wide shot of the guests, from the couple’s point of view

Before the Reception

  • Couple with both sets of parents
  • Couple with immediate family members from both sides
  • Couple with wedding party
  • Couple with new family members
  • Couple with entire immediate family
  • Couple with one side of the family
  • Couple with other side of the family
  • Couple together
  • Couple with entire wedding party
  • Couple with flower girl and ring bearer

The Reception

  • Musicians, DJ, and/or entertainers performing
  • Couple dancing with the bridal party
  • Couple cutting the cake
  • Bouquet toss
  • Couple speaking with guests
  • Couple’s first dance
  • Both partners dancing with their parents
  • Groom dancing with their mother
  • Parents and grandparents dancing
  • Guests arriving and signing the guest book
  • Couple arriving
  • Close-ups of friends and family making toasts
  • Wedding party dancing
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