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Wedding Ideas For Reception Local to You

Fort Collins is a community that has had a stable economy and housing market for years. Seated as it is at the foot of the Rockies in northern Colorado, it likewise has an excellent climate the majority of the year. All these things combine into venue opportunities which make wedding ideas for reception scenarios diverse, interesting, and sometimes even hard to choose from!


Some looking to source wedding ideas for reception parties turn to the mountains. Outdoor weddings in the Rockies can be a difficult proposition, however. If you’re planning for an outdoor reception, you’ve got to consider weather, and likely get a tent. Oftentimes to avoid the logistic hassle involved here, wedding receptions are held indoors.


Indoor receptions are a little bit more trustworthy, but they’re still going to have their downsides. Especially regarding cost. While there are quite a few exceptional venues, renting them out for a full reception is seldom without expense. Consider the Stanley Hotel in Estes, Colorado. It’s a beautiful place, it’s got amenities precisely for events like a reception; but it’s going to cost you.


Tech Possibilities for Weddings

That said, modern technology allows you to “have your cake and eat it too”, as the saying goes. Mobile open bar solutions are available in Fort Collins, as are photo booths and DJs. Wedding ideas for reception parties that incorporate cost-effective solutions save everybody time and aggravation. That said, there’s something to be said for “sparing no expense” at a reception.


But even in this scenario, some of the most top-tier, expensive weddings in Northern Colorado will still incorporate a DJ. This is because DJs can play more songs which match the needs of a given wedding party. Additionally, a DJ is usually experienced and willing to change at the behest of the guests. A band, in contrast, is going to have difficulty bridging the gap. They’ll have more of a “set” arrangement when it comes to their entertainment provisions.


Surprising New Wedding Reception Trends

Wedding ideas for reception parties have also begun to incorporate comedians more often. This can be a mixed bag. When it works, it really works. When it doesn’t, you’ve got some real difficulties to overcome. But generally the temperament of the wedding party describes the success of any reception party solution.


Keep in mind there are bands that can play any cover, and comedians who can be G-rated or do “adult” material, depending on the situation. Add in a DJ and a photo-booth, you’ll have lasting memories for guests of all ages, and cost-effectively.
At Mountain Event Services, we can help you flesh out your ideas for wedding reception party, and have provided services to clients of varying size throughout the northern Colorado area. Contact us for party solutions to make your event a success.

by Kevin Bennett

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